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Real golf improvement is determined by a single Golden Rule. It is all about how you enter the impact zone.

The impact zone – an area a few feet before the ball and a few after it – is what good golf is all about. It should be analysed, practised and trained more than anything else. The thing is, it isn’t.

But impact should not be left as a blur. Impact is not a moment. It is The Moment. It is the precise moment that decides where your ball will go, at what trajectory and at what speed.

Golf’s Golden Rule is the most up-to-date golf manual focussing on impact in detail. Packed with detailed step-by-step illustrations, practice routines so you can hone your technique, analyses of common errors and much more, it will revolutionise your game.

Golf’s Golden Rule is available through all major booksellers, as well as a number of specialist golf outlets. To buy your copy now, please click on one of the following links:

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If you would like to ask about selling Golf’s Golden Rule in your shop or club, please contact the publisher, Elliott & Thompson, either by email, or by telephone (020 7831 5013), or write to them at:

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