The Knightsbridge Golf School

The Knightsbridge Golf School has been teaching its revolutionary swing technique for 60 years, making good golf achievable to everybody.

The imposing Georgian facade of an exclusive square just off Knightsbridge might not be the first place you would think of as the venue for a golf lesson. upon entering the front door of an exclusive block of apartments – they don’t call them flats in this part of London – you are faced with a list of the residents which include a couple of Lords, a Lady something-or-other, a Sir and a handful of captains of industry.

Below stairs – literally – is a converted squash court which, for the last 60 years, has been home to one of the most unusual, yet also one of the most exclusive and successful, golf schools in the world.

The name Leslie King may not mean too much to today’s newer club golfer, yet to the professional ranks, particularly those old enough to remember the culture of a bygone age, they will know and respect the man who, literally, was the first to devise a method of teaching golf.

It was in the years between the two world wars that Leslie King first began thinking seriously about the golf swing. Until then most “teachers” had concentrated on trying to put right the faults that were seen in certain swings, but without any real method. Too many so called corrections of hooks or slices were based on trail-and-error rather than learning the basic, fundamental positions required for consistent golf.

Golf’s Golden Rule condenses the philosophy of the School into an accessible golfing manual, suitable for club pros and complete beginners.

For more information on the Knightsbridge Golf School, to find out about lessons or to book coaching, visit or call the School on 020 7235 2468.

If you want to pay the school a visit, you can find them hidden away at:

47 Lowndes Square